Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you stretch canvas prints? 

A: Not usually. The reason is people are challenged and fascinated with maps and they are going to touch it, and that will damage a stretched canvas. We mount our prints on a hard surface board to stand up to the pressure of someone touching it. We will stretch canvas if you decide that is what you would like done. 

Q; Why do you print on canvas rather than paper?

A: Canvas is a higher quality material, it looks and feels more like art, there is no reflection, and it is cheaper to frame because there is no glass. We still have rolls of paper and paper prints are great also, we think canvas is simply a better look for old maps.

Q: What if I can not make it in during your regular store hours?

A: We can make arrangements to come in early or stay late, just call me. We are also open on all First Fridays until 8 pm at least, sometimes later on nice weather days.

Q: How long does it take to make a map? 

A: I can print the map the same day, sometimes while you wait if you come in the store. If you just want a rolled map it can be picked up mailed in one day. If you want it framed it takes about a week. 

Q: I really like the black negative option but the map I like does not show that as an option, can it be made?

A: All maps can be made in the black negative option. Let us know what map image you would like to see and we will email a low resolution image.