Clearwater Lake Minnesota Classic Gray Map

$90.00 USD

Decorate your lake home with this conversational art piece you can use to educate your guests all about your lake. This vintage map covers an area know as "Heart of the Lakes". There are several lakes on this map including Clearwater Lake, Cedar Lake, Sugar Lake, Pleasant Lake, Lake John, Mink Lake, Somers Lake, Indian Lake, and part of Twin Lake and Lake Sylvia.  

Our decorative maps are printed on rolled canvas using Giclee museum quality conservation inks. 

Framing and Rail and Twine are available for all sizes , however shipping frames above 24 x 34 is not cost-effective and not encouraged.


Choose size & framing

Choose a standard size or select your own. Optionally, we can mount and frame this map with your choice of brown framing, black framing, or a simple wooden rail + twine hanging mount.