Kansas City Missouri Berry Streetcar Antique Vintage Map 1914 - Color Negative

$90.00 USD

Gallup Map Company purchased Berry Map in 1915. This map is printed as a stunning color negative art piece. I worked with two interior designers to tweak the colors of this map to create one of my favorite Kansas City maps! I have made this 168" x 103" to fit a wall and it rocks! This map also shows the Kansas side of the city.The made was hand drawn and labeled and features over 300 miles of Streetcar Lines, Parks and Boulevards. If you love Kansas City History or just have Kansas City Pride, this map is for you.  

Choose size & framing

Choose a standard size or select your own. Optionally, we can mount and frame this map with your choice of brown framing, black framing, or a simple wooden rail + twine hanging mount.