Kansas City Easy-Way Map For New Drivers

$30.00 USD

Take the fear out of navigating and getting around Kansas City.

As we all know, GPS will only show you so much on the screen and sometimes there is a reception problem with a phone. This map will help in when these situations occur. 

I had been asked by parents of young drivers if there is anything I can make that will help them teach their new driver the basics of getting around in our large city. This map is features individual colored highways, most of the major roads, address ranges, city names, major features, parks, lakes and more.    

This map is designed to help learn the basic pattern of routes for anyone wanting to drive more confidently in the Kansas City Metro area. The highlighted highways, once understood and learned, can be visualized to take the quickest way from place to place. Driving will become a much easier, less stressful experience for new drivers in our city. 

The map is printed on durable tear resistant polypaper so it can be folded and will stand up to heavy use.