Missouri Railroads and the Katy Trail in Patina Tones

at $15 per sq ft

Railroad history and Katy trail lovers will appreciate this beautiful map! The base map is a circa 1920 hand drawn cartographic original map from the Gallup Map archive of our early works. The map was scanned and the Katy Trail line was highlighted and a few art elements were added to make a decorative conversational art piece.  Discover the historic railroads or track your progress on the Katy Trail.

Your product will be printed on a high 20 mil canvas using a photographic quality printer with 100 year UV inks that will keep it looking great for generations to come. Because it is on canvas, there is no need for glass, so it will look and feel like art without the glare and reflection.

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Mounting and Framing

We can mount and frame this map with your choice of brown or black framing.


Rail and Twine Mount

New offer! Mount your map with wooden rails and twine to create a unique look, for a flat rate of $45.

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NOTE: In the checkout screen, your cart will show a number next to your product. Don't worry! This doesn't mean you're ordering multiple maps. The number shows the square footage of the map you're ordering - same thing with mounting and framing.